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   The Flag - Wavers Group from Sessa Aurunca City was born on September 1976 during the “Great District Tournament”.
   The first Tournament was born to create a show to amuse the audience with the traditional games and to remember the most important medieval and renaissance events of Sessa Aurunca (especially during the dukedom of the influential family of Marino Marzano).

   The costumes worn by the group members are inspired to Sessa ancient folklore, they are in the historical period running from 1200 to 1500, reconstructed in strictly accordance with the available documentation.

   In many years of activity, the Group has acquired professionalism and competence thanks to his presence in hundreds of shows in Italy and in all the world, putting themselves al first to organize cultural events and medieval festivals: some editions of the “Great District Tournament” and the “Middle Ages under the Stars” are an explicit example, apart from the direct relationship matured with other inherent associations, thanks to this relationships it was possible to extend the organizational experience also far from Sessa Aurunca.

   Today, the Flag – Wavers Group from Sessa Aurunca City proposes again in the squares and in the historic centres the ancient splendours of Sessa and of its citizens, in the course of the years it had become a commemoration and an example for the other historical groups of more recent constitution.

   In 2006 we celebrated the first 30 years of life.
   Travel, folklore, fun, flags, drums, trumpets, friends: an irreplaceable adventure, an experience that led our group to perform in the most beautiful squares of Italy and non only!
   A further stimulus to continue our story and to launch themselves to new challenges…

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